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Material Identification

Our experienced staff understands the complexities of today's plastic formulations. The Polymer Lab utilizes multiple testing procedures and various instruments for platic identification to determine the exact material composition and provide you with the utmost assurance of the materials identity.

Contamination Identification

The Polymer Lab is able to identify and occasionally extract contaminants within thermoplastic materials by several methods. The contaminants may or may not be visible to the naked eye, but are often clearly visible by DSC, FT-IR, and other methods.

Degradation Analysis

The Polymer Lab uses several methods (Melt Flow Rate, Melt Volume Rate, Relative Viscosity, Viscosity Number, etc.) to verify the level of degradation for many thermoplastic materials, as well as determine if the degradation was caused during processing or if the material was received in that condition.

Crystallinity Analysis

Achieving 100% of theoretical maximum crystallinity in certain materials, such as PPA and PPS, is critical to reducing the risk of dimensional change and warpage during the manufactured component's life cycle. The Polymer Lab can ascertain the level of crystallinity though DSC analysis.

Reverse Engineering

The Polymer Lab staff can provide you with answers when you need to identify the type of resin from which a plastic component is made. We have the tools and techniques required to assess parts for the purpose of competitive analysis. Looking to improve your product or market your advantages? We have the answers.

Product Failure Analysis

The Polymer Lab has a proven track record of helping manufacturers determine the reason for product failure. Our qualified technicians are able to provide the material testing and analysis of key process issues that can affect the final integrity of your parts.

Product Material Verification

The Polymer Lab can help with product material validation by identifying the base material and filler content of your products against known manufacturer benchmarks, as well as verifying that the levels of degradation and crystallinity are within appropriate guidelines.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

Our purpose is simple, to support all phases of plastic component manufacturing in order to prevent problems that can cost you money and customers. From raw material to the final component, we can provide the confidence you need to insure the quality of your products.

Moisture Analysis

The Polymer Lab has the ability to measure the amount of water in the sample vs. the measurement of all volatile materials in the polymer.